Introducing NOTIFIER Onyx® AFP-3030

the ultimate in life safety...


  • Safety in everything we do
    NOTIFIER has a long history of protecting lives and we take this challenge seriously. NOTIFIER Onyx AFP-3030 has been developed to meet this challenge by employing the latest design and manufacturing processes to ensure system reliability, ease-of-use and maintenance.
  • Get connected
    Connectivity of people, processes and systems drives efficient outcomes in critical situations. NOTIFIER Onyx AFP-3030 together with Noti-Fire-Net provide a range of connectivity solutions for integration with Building Management Systems, graphical based control centres and Digital Voice Command wide-area Emergency Communication System. Remote connection for monitoring, diagnostics and upload/download are provided via NOTIFIER Web Server or OnyxWorks.
  • Improved lifetime costs
    Initial installation and on-going maintenance costs are an important consideration to every facility. NOTIFIER Onyx AFP-3030 utilizes VeriFire Tools to simplify system programming and provide a comprehensive diagnostic and reporting suite. Achieve a 60% reduction is system test time with the enhanced walk test mode.
  • Flexible, expandable, backward compatible.
    A fire system is an infrastructure investment that needs to keep pace with your life safety needs. NOTIFIER Onyx AFP-3030 is flexible, expandable and provides backward compatibility with existing NOTIFIER intelligent systems so you can expand or upgrade without having to replace existing assets.
  • Mitigate unwanted alarms
    Unwanted alarms are responsible for losses to productivity, call-out charges. NOTIFIER employs unique functionality within Onyx AFP-3030 and the FlashScan sensors to deliver a comprehensive toolset to reduce unwanted alarms in virtually any environment.
  • More information
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