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With expertise in point detection, aspirated smoke detection, hazardous areas, mass notification and system integration NOTIFIER is able to provide a solution to all areas of an airport solution.



NOTIFIER provides a comprehensive range of products to protect all areas defence facility from accomodation areas to aircraft hangars.


NOTIFIER provides a comprehensive range of products to protect all areas education campus from student accomodation areas to data centres.


NOTIFIER provides a comprehensive solution to protect all types of health care facilites from major hospitals to aged care facilities.


NOTIFIER provides a comprehensive solutions to protect all areas of hotels & resorts from Atria to freezers and coolrooms. NOTIFIER also provides a range of solutions in order minimize nuisance alarms in accomodation areas. 


NOTIFIER has extensive expertise in providing detection & evacuation solutions to industrial and mining applications. Our offering includes point detection for accomodation areas into specialist & hazardous area detection for process facilities.


With reduction of nuisance alarms a key focus NOTIFIER provides an extensive offering and expertise in providing detection and evacuation solutions for residential tower applications.


NOTIFIER provides a comprehensive offering of products to for detection, evacuation and unified command and control into Shopping facilities.


Emergency Communications Systems (ECS) and Mass Notification Systems (MNS) broadcast live, up-to-the minute emergency information to everyone in a building, campus, or multiple facilities spread across a city, state, even the globe, to help prevent injuries and save lives.

AFP-2800 basic training is for those new to Notifier addressable panels. Installers, testers and service technicians will find this most useful as the course gives an understanding of panel functions, fault finding and basic programming.