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VESDA-E by Xtralis: The Next Generation of Aspirating Smoke Detection


For years, the VESDA range of Aspirating Smoke Detectors (ASD) has been recognized as the best in the world. New VESDA-E range, featuring VESDA Smoke+, offers dramatically increased sensitivity – up to 15 times greater than previous models. VESDA Analytics allows for targeted detection of the most common fire threats, in particular WireTrace allows specific detection of burning wire at even higher sensitivities without nuisance alarms. Completely backwards-compatible and with VESDA Flex, field upgradeable, the new VESDA-E ASD system reduces the Total Cost of Ownership of the system.

Protect your Investment

With up to 40% greater coverage in high airflow environments, the VESDA-E range of aspirating smoke detectors represent considerable CAPEX savings. Easier servicing and field replaceable architecture further reduce system OPEX. And of course, VESDA-E is completely compatible with existing VESDA systems.

VESDA StaX, a range of hardware expansion modules, add additional functionality to VESDA-E at or after installation, futureproofing your aspirating smoke detection investment. VESDA Stax include automated pipe cleaning, power supplies, gas detection with many more in development:


  • VESDA flair chamber trans bckgrnd
    VESDA Smoke+
    • Ultra-high sensitivity for greater coverage in high airflow environments
    • Inherent Absolute calibration = Calibration for life
    • Contamination resistance for lower TCO in wider range of applications
    • Particle classification to reject nuisance alarms & enable targeted response
    • Detection of very small particles for earlier detection in a range of applications
  • VESDA Flex2
    VESDA Flex
    • Future-proof expandability & field programmability for maximum flexibility
    • StaX Modules allow for hardware expansion without disrupting the aspirating smoke detector installation or pipe network
    • Integrated gas detection provides a superior solution at half the cost of competing solutions
    • Xapps available through the Xtralis Xchange allow for rapid & remote field-programming of detectors with VESDA analytics
  • VESDA E Analytics web
    VESDA Analytics
    • DieselTrace™ Analytics: Environmental Monitoring & Reduction of Nuisance Alarms
    • WireTrace ™ Analytics: Extremely early detection of electrical faults with instant alerts – hours before adaptive-based ASD detectors
    • DustTrace™ Analytics: Dust Rejection . Dust Monitoring . Dust Alerts
  • VESDA Verify
    VESDA Verify
    • Provides unprecedented situational awareness that drastically reduces verification time and delivers more efficient & effective response without nuisance alarms
    • Addressability: VESDA Offer Different Addressability Solutions For Different Applications
    • Different Solutions to Pinpoint Location of Fire Incident results in quicker and more efficient response
    • ADPRO SmokeTrace™: Visual verification of Smoke.
  • vesda connect
    VESDA Connect
    • Flexible networking & programming options that reduce maintenance & monitoring costs by up to 50% through extensive connectivity options & remote diagnostics
    • Enables connectivity with Xtralis VSC, VSM4, Xtralis EMS as well as providing an embedded webserver and E-mail alerts
    • VESDA WiFi: Integration of wireless 802.11n enables connectivity with hand-held iOS and Android devices
    • VESDA USB: Easily connect to a PC for configuration and maintenance or USB flash drive for data collection
  • VESDAcost value
    • VESDA-E provides lifetime of value, reliability, & protection – with VESDA-E you can reduce Total Cost of Ownership by 15%!
    • Design-less pipe networks offer the fastest time to VESDA protection… ever!
    • Vast monitoring options allow efficient integration to business process and emergency response plans
    • Backward compatible : easy upgrade while protecting your investment

For information about particular VESDA-E models click here